These are some common error messages (and solution) faced by Global Bank Users

POSSIBLE CAUSES: We can find this error when doing trancode operations without configuring charges for the operations

SOLUTION: The user should configure trancode charges.
POSSIBLE CAUSES The user may not have logged out of Global Bank correctly in another computer in the network.

SOLUTION The user should log out from the PC X in that network. Then log in normally.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This error message appears when the account code for term deposit (usually 777777) does not exist.  

SOLUTION: The system administrator should create account 777777 for this purpose.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This message appears whenever a monetary transaction is to be made using an account that does not have sufficient funds. It all depends on the type of transaction. In cases of withdrawals, there may be a minimum deposit configured for that account type. Admin should verify. In other cases, the amount may have been blocked and cannot be withdrawn. In other cases, the deposits made into that account may not have been validated  

SOLUTION: The user should verify if there are any block funds, surtee amounts for loan or if all deposits into that account were validated.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This message appears at the level of customer registration. Each customer of the institution is supposed to be assigned to a manager.  

SOLUTION: The user can simply award the account an account manager to proceed.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This is an error message that appears whenever an account type is about to be attributed to a customer for the second time  

SOLUTION: At this level the error message only notifies the user. However, this feature of the software works according to how it is configured. Hence a costumer can have more than just one account in the same category if it is configured to happen that way.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: You may experience this error when inserting photos and signatures. The error appears when no photo or signature is selected for customer in question.  

SOLUTION: This problem can be solved by selecting a picture from a valid location in the computer. The picture may have the .jpeg or .png file extensions.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This error comes up at the level of the teller operations either in a deposit or withdrawal when the notes and coin field is left empty.  

SOLUTION: When filling in the notes and coin situation, the user should fill in the empty notes or coins with “0” if it has no value
POSSIBLE CAUSES: We may experience such an error when the regional setting of the computer is not correctly set.  

SOLUTION: A perfect solution to this problem is to set the regional language to French (France) and to change the system currency to F
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This error occurs at the level of bank transfers in the General operations module. It signifies that the EBANKING file may have been corrupted or does not exist.  

SOLUTION: To solve this problem, the system administrator should attach the EBANKING file in the SQL server application.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This error may occur whenever a transaction that implies charges on the customer is done without a suitable account being configured in the accounting plan to collect the charges  

SOLUTION: To solve this issue, the user should configure an account where the software is going to place these charges.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This problem may arise when the server may have been switched of unexpectedly  

SOLUTION: The server should be restarted
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This error is common at treasury operations whenever there is a wrong insertion of notes and coins  

SOLUTION: The user should verify and make sure that the Total transaction amount is the same with the Total amount for notes and coins
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This error comes up when the user is trying to do an overdraft transaction without an overdraft charge being configured for the branch.  

SOLUTION: Configure overdraft charge for the branch
POSSIBLE CAUSES: The server may have been disconnected from power  

SOLUTION: Put on the server and try again
POSSIBLE CAUSES: The virspontper table does not exist  

SOLUTION: Attach the virspontper table and try again
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This may be because the databse E-Banking has been moved or changed  

SOLUTION: Restart Global Bank and if the issue persists, then re-attach the database
POSSIBLE CAUSES: SQL Server services may have been paused or stopped  

SOLUTION: Restart SQL Server services
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This error shows up when regional settings may have not been set correctly  

SOLUTION: Change regional setting to French (France) and , to . then restart Global Bank.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: This occurs when a transaction that generates income is about to be done with a wrong configuration of VAT or when the Tax account in the GL does not exist  

SOLUTION: The user should configure the VAT account under the Bank parameters menu of the Configuration module.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: Whenever the depotterm table is renamed and a term deposit transaction is about to be done, this error message comes up.  

SOLUTION: The system administrator should verify if the report table has the correct name
POSSIBLE CAUSES: The windows firewall may have been turned on  

SOLUTION: Turn off windows firewall from control panel and disable any antivirus other than NET Protector. You may also turn of windows defender.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: Trancode are usually configured with regards to the banks that have been configured. If this configuration is not done and the user tries to do a trancode operation with the bank account, this error message comes up  

SOLUTION: The correct configuration of trancode should be done with the charges configured as per trancode type.
POSSIBLE CAUSES: Whenever the system is idle for a given period of time,this error message appears  

SOLUTION: The user should log in again
POSSIBLE CAUSES: The user Matricule may have an empty character in front of it like a space  

SOLUTION: Retype log in information and try again.