GB COLLECT – Global Bank Activation, Customers/Collector Connection, Funds Reception

In this video, we walk you through the process of activating a collector in global Bank Software, Adding customers to collectors and receiving funds from the collectors from the field.

GB COLLECT – Connect first Time, Change default password, Authorize Device (How to collect online)

In this video, we discuss how to connect for the first time, Change the default password, Authorize your device and begin collecting funds online (with active Internet Connection) NB: Click to watch Full Screen for a better view

GB Collect – How to collect funds offline (Without Internet Connection)

GB Collect is flexible, allowing users to be able to collect funds from customers in areas without Internet connection. Watch this video how to work offline: NB: Click to watch Full Screen for a better view

CRM module Highlight

In today’s feature highlight, one of our staff, Marc Tingume briefly takes us through the Customer Relationship Management module of our flagship product, Global Bank. We would like to know what you think at the comment section.